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The Role Of Repetition In Learning

Memorization and repetition have been, for many years, considered very poor learning techniques, yet the old truth and value with rote learning is now coming back with increased recognition that learning by repetition is NOT understanding, but just "duplication."  It is an essential part of good study practice.  There is no way to take advantage of "repetition" without repeating.  KARL LORENS

The fundations of The SPT method are based on Cuban Salsa gestual repetitions in order to be executed naturally and smoothly during your social dance. We can offer private and group SPT courses, mainly in  France &  Europe but also worldwide on demand,  we provide all material needed to ensure the SPT courses and  we can teach in French or English, do not hesitate to contact us for futher information.

Examples of Personal Training in others sports





Wing Chun

Repetition is one of the most basic learning techniques. Infants use it to learn to speak. Athletes use it to perfect athletic skills. Repetition is sometimes seen as boring or looked down upon as an attempt to simply memorize rather than understand. However, for many individuals with learning differences, repetition is essential. Knowing when huge amounts of repetition are needed is what ofter makes the difference between learning and forgetting and learning and remembering.

There is learning when an organism placed several time in the same situation, modifies its benhaviour in a systematic and lasting fashion. Maurice REUCHLIN
Watch and learn. Experience says it works, but how?
University of Oregon researchers have seen the light, by imaging the brain, while test subjects watched films of others building objects with Tinker Toys.
Scott Frey shows a photographed model of the brain with markings that show regions that are activated when a resting person watches another do a task with the intention of later repeating the same task. 
Golf is a game of repetition. The swing must be so perfectly honed that it holds up under pressure, the same movement repeated every time. Tiger Woods